Onsite Pedestrian Operated Forklift Training Melbourne

Pedestrian operated forklifts differ from forklift trucks because they are not intended to be controlled by an operator riding on the vehicle. similar safe operating and maintenance procedures apply to all types of forklifts and training on their use is required.

There is no licence as such for a walkie stacker or pedestrian operated lifting device, but to operate a walkie stacker in Melbourne or regional Victoria a person must be trained in its use. Employers are required by law to provide proper training on this type of equipment.

A walkie stacker or pedestrian operated lift truck is an extremely important part of many organizations’ material handling responsibilities. However extreme caution must be taken when using this type of equipment. It’s important to know as much as possible about the equipment, its controls, levers, maintenance, and load carrying capabilities to have the knowledge necessary to use this equipment safely.

A large number of manual handling related accidents happen as a result of incorrect use either by the way the operator pushes or pulls the pallet jack to get it moving or by the way they control it. In addition to this accidents also happen with powered pallet jacks as the operator may not be familiar with the controls or how the machine handles with and without a load.

Method of training and assessment

Delivered on site via Prior skills verification, Power Point presentation, Practical driver training, Written and practical Assessment.

Onsite Pedestrian Operated Forklift Training Melbourne