Forklift Refresher Training Melbourne

Forklift Refresher Training Melbourne

Onsite Forklift Refresher Training Melbourne

  • No Afterhours Fees
  • Our experience helps motivate Learners

Our Forklift Refresher training course is designed to ensure workplace safety is occurring at your site. It is recommended that Managers and Supervisors attend this session to ensure that the knowledge exists within the entire business on what makes safe and productive forklift driving. Forklift drivers that attend our course will be updated on Worksafe legislation, OH&S and forklift Licence renewal. Forklift Refresher Training in your business for all licensed operators is a very cost effective and convenient way of complying with all of your OH&S Forklift ‘Duty of Care’ responsibilities with training.

Once refresher forklift training and assessment is completed we provide back to the business a comprehensive folder that contains all content covered as well as the theory and assessment papers on each individual. All of our refresher courses are conducted on your worksite in your environment and on loads that are typical. A Forklift Refresher Training Course in Melbourne or Regional Victoria / Country Victoria adds value to your business as we help you to minimise the risk of an accident occurring.

We have never run a Forklift Refresher Course where the trainee has not benefitted. Some of the feedback that we receive includes “why have I been doing it the hard way for so long,” That way is so much more productive and safer,” ” I feel a lot more confident in doing the more challenging tasks like handling high and heavy loads,” “It just makes sense to drive that way now you have trained me the correct way,” ” I guess some bad habits do creep in, not that we are under that much pressure though”” I wish I had this level of training when I first got my forklift licence“” I loved how you got on the forklift and showed us what you expect to see, you made it look easy, “I had forgotten what load centre distance means, you explained it well when you were talking about how carrying longer loads with fork extensions increases it,”” Duty of Care and OH&S responsibilities are so much clearer, I just thought that it was the employers responsibility but it is also mine”

Why risk it? – Refresher is a good thing to do as it helps to meet your Duty of Care requirements.